Where Did the Writer Start From?

This is the most popular question to a writer. Where did he start his writing? Why he decided to write books and novels and what for?

Many writers have different answers on this age’s question. Some of the artists still do not have an answer they would be proud of. But for the rest it is simply – they do not know what to do else. Yes, that’s it. They just good enough only in one thing they can do. In writing.

For sure, before they wrote their most popular novels, books, magazines, artists tried themselves in lots places.

For example, George R. R. Martin spent his first years of the work’s career working at the University of Iowa, with the professor he finished university with.

Doesn’t sound very tough. Isn’t it?

By the way, he started to write in far 1971 and become popular only in 2005, when his first book A Song of Ice and Fire, (which was published in only 1996) were filmed in the TV serial “The Game of Thrones”, which admits as the most popular serial based on the series of the books from 2005 till 2017.

So, as we can count about 25 years the author was not popular and less known. The popularity reflects on the life as it is lack of.

However, most of the writers admit that the studies help them in writing. Open their minds and force them to think and think in a good way, they didn’t try before.

For the writer, it is very important to find him self. Find the way he can express all the feelings he has and can write down on the paper. Who can help with it? Who can help to develop all the writing talents of the authors? No doubts the best thing is the smart and talented tutors, based on the college or university, the writers must pass.

It is only 3 or 4 years for Bachelor or Masters degree, but the rest life of the artists will be different. In some cases it will be totally different.

How to find a good university for the writer?

To find a good university or college is only the half way, the rest requires much more strength and talent. G. Martin himself admits that to get to a good university you have to write a good college application essay, for such universities like Cambridge or Oxford, is not enough just to be a good buy. It requires more. Not always the talent, as it may become later with practice and experience, but show yourself in the best way you can.

There are bullet points, mentioned on the site above, what a writer shall do to pass a good college.

  •  To include some specific details

  •  Real examples

  •  Other things that will stress the development of your thought.

Nothing special. But this three bullet points may significantly change the life of the young guy, who wants to find him self in writings.

The another question is how to find a good college.

The answer as easy as the question. The overall rating doesn’t always mean everything. The most important thing is the rating of the faculty you are applying for. As the tutors in every university are different. And if in the math they had talented stars, in other courses they may not be as well as their colleagues.

Here we list the Top 10 Universities for Journalism in the U.S Based on USA Today

1. Emerson College

2. The University of Texas-Austin

3. Northwestern University

4. New York University

5. University of Southern California

6. University of Maryland

7. Boston University

8. University of Missouri-Columbia

9. Syracuse University

10. George Washington University





How hard is to write a new book?

We live in the century when people write and write with no stop. It doesn’t matter for them what about they write, it matters what they do. For today it is popular to write a book or be a part of the popular magazine. Most of such writers can’t describe what exactly they do. They just happy that they are in trend. In the trend of something popular and what makes people do what they say.

This is a bad statistics, bringing interesting artists and writers much down, despite the fact they are good. It happens because of such authors, making not very creative content, thinks they rule the game. They pop up their works every where and try to make people believe that their writings worth something. Does it in real? This is a good question.

What is in reality to write a new book?

First of all, it is hard work. Work which requires hours and hours with no sleep, ten cups of coffee and smart and bright sight on the particular topic you are writing about. Because of the genres, some of the inspiration is highly required to write a decent book.

How many good writers have wrote something good in the past century or wrote a new book?

Not a lot. Why? Because you can’t stamp good things one after other. It requires talent and time. But readers and fans ask every time for something new, neglect the fact, that new doesn’t always matter good. Not the same as good.

So from the name of all writers. Please do not push us, writers. We try, we try hard. But we need time. Time matters a lot.

And we will make you happy as soon, as we will have enough of them. New books, new stories, new characters. Whan can be better than reading something good for real. Another good book.

Does it hard to write a new book? Sure, but it worth it.


Book: Marilyn “The Passion and the Paradox”

In this video, you may see all the details about Lois Banner book “Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox”, where will be described with the details, why Marilyn was one of the most beautiful and sexy ladies on the planet. Why all presidents of the world wanted her signature and were ready to give her all she wanted to.

This books described also how everyone can do the same transformation with his/her body and mentality, to be one of the most successful person in the world.

Thank you for watching and wish you to enjoy this video.


How important is to write something new?

Nowadays it is really important to bring something new to the world. The World is tired of the same stories every year.

From year to year, people are in demand of good drama. The drama which brings tears on the face of the toughest and hard man in the world. Only such writings can bring peace to the humanity. Peace without wars and destruction.  lois banner write

What needs to be done to write something new?

You don’t need to be a genius to write a great story. All that you need is just to keep an eye on something from another vector, from the sight you have never seen before. How to do it?

First of all, try to change your friendship rate. New relations brings to new information. New information brings to new ideas. And ideas are everything.

Try to go to educational institutions, such as university or college.  I finished USC University, College of Letters, Arts and Science, and can say with no doubt. I got a lot of new. New contacts to work with, new ideas to write interesting stories about, new will to make this world different, it was before.

In the third, try to live yourself like another person. The person you would never thought you could live like. Something new and not understandable for you. Such plays

Such plays can change the game of your mind, all the rules you compile to live with will no longer be in charge. You will be different, for a while. But such difference may influence on your final work in a good way.

I can repeat it again. You don’t need to be a genius – to write a good work, but you definitely need to be a different person to write something about you are not in common.

All the best,

Lois Banner