How hard is to write a new book?

We live in the century when people write and write with no stop. It doesn’t matter for them what about they write, it matters what they do. For today it is popular to write a book or be a part of the popular magazine. Most of such writers can’t describe what exactly they do. They just happy that they are in trend. In the trend of something popular and what makes people do what they say.

This is a bad statistics, bringing interesting artists and writers much down, despite the fact they are good. It happens because of such authors, making not very creative content, thinks they rule the game. They pop up their works every where and try to make people believe that their writings worth something. Does it in real? This is a good question.

What is in reality to write a new book?

First of all, it is hard work. Work which requires hours and hours with no sleep, ten cups of coffee and smart and bright sight on the particular topic you are writing about. Because of the genres, some of the inspiration is highly required to write a decent book.

How many good writers have wrote something good in the past century or wrote a new book?

Not a lot. Why? Because you can’t stamp good things one after other. It requires talent and time. But readers and fans ask every time for something new, neglect the fact, that new doesn’t always matter good. Not the same as good.

So from the name of all writers. Please do not push us, writers. We try, we try hard. But we need time. Time matters a lot.

And we will make you happy as soon, as we will have enough of them. New books, new stories, new characters. Whan can be better than reading something good for real. Another good book.

Does it hard to write a new book? Sure, but it worth it.