How important is to write something new?

Nowadays it is really important to bring something new to the world. The World is tired of the same stories every year.

From year to year, people are in demand of good drama. The drama which brings tears on the face of the toughest and hard man in the world. Only such writings can bring peace to the humanity. Peace without wars and destruction.  lois banner write

What needs to be done to write something new?

You don’t need to be a genius to write a great story. All that you need is just to keep an eye on something from another vector, from the sight you have never seen before. How to do it?

First of all, try to change your friendship rate. New relations brings to new information. New information brings to new ideas. And ideas are everything.

Try to go to educational institutions, such as university or college.  I finished USC University, College of Letters, Arts and Science, and can say with no doubt. I got a lot of new. New contacts to work with, new ideas to write interesting stories about, new will to make this world different, it was before.

In the third, try to live yourself like another person. The person you would never thought you could live like. Something new and not understandable for you. Such plays

Such plays can change the game of your mind, all the rules you compile to live with will no longer be in charge. You will be different, for a while. But such difference may influence on your final work in a good way.

I can repeat it again. You don’t need to be a genius – to write a good work, but you definitely need to be a different person to write something about you are not in common.

All the best,

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